Brooke McGregor

Cert.VN, FFCP, NZCert Animal Mgmt

(Canine Behaviour and Training)

A genuine adoration for animals big and small has lead me to the field of force-free training. This utilises a method known as positive reinforcement, by engaging in ‘reward-based’ training.  It is gentle, effective and a scientifically proven technique recognised for its ability in establishing a strong human/animal bond.


As a Certified Fear Free Professional, I am committed to preventing and alleviating, any stress or fear experienced by your pet.  Working holistically with your pet ensures that their physical, mental, social and emotional health will receive a thorough evaluation.


Owning a dog is really about developing mutual respect and understanding, in order to form a partnership. Dogs do very well in reading us but sometimes they get it wrong. We expect a lot from them fitting into human society, and we must make the effort to understand their perspective. Dogs vary in personality, therefore training strategies must be tailored to the individual. The key is to be consistent and to develop regular routines.​​​