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Thinking of becoming a new pet owner? Congratulations!

You’ve taken the very first step in finding your new best friend. 


Becoming a new pet owner is exciting, but can oftentimes be a scary experience for those who have never owned a pet. Not a new pet owner, but unsure of what kind of pet is right for your current family or personal lifestyle? Either way, our Veterinary Behaviourist Dr Elsa Flint MSc BVSc MANCVS PhD is available to answer any questions you may have and make the decision of adding a new pet to your home, a little easier.


Animals With Attitude and our Pre Pet Counselling assists you in choosing the right pet for your family by:

  • Evaluating your family situation and lifestyle

  • The physical environment you have available 

  • Your level of experience as a pet owner 

  • Your expectations of pet ownership


We can then make suggestions as to which pet might be appropriate (cat vs dog vs guinea pig vs rabbit) and which breed may be best.

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