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Cat Stretching on Sheets

I have a multi-cat household that has experienced problems with stress-urination. Elsa has helped with that problem and others, such as providing fear-free claw clips for two of our more neurotic felines and management for our 18-year-old cat with arthritis and our younger one with dental problems. She provides a caring and animal-first service that prioritises the animal’s mental and physical comfort. Not only does Elsa bring a wealth of veterinary knowledge to her behaviour consults, for those of us who dread visits to the vet because our animals are so fearful, she provides a wonderful alternative to feeling apprehensive about a vet visit. My cats actually look forward to seeing her!

Johanna Emeney

Elsa is fantastic. She is currently helping my 3 year old x lab Java. Java was very anxious and always hid when visitors dropped by. I could not put a lead on her and take her for a walk. I was told by another company that it’s hopeless and java cannot be helped. Elsa has got Java to the point of walking on a lead and going to the beach as well. If you are having issues with your pooch Elsa is definitely the person to see.

Nilen Chetty

Dr. Flint is a committed veterinarian known at the international level as a professional who demonstrates and promotes an exceptional approach to ensuring animal welfare and health. I am proud of our friendship with Elsa and wish all veterinary graduates to had at least one opportunity to speak with the professional like her to understand what it means to be a veterinarian and how it is to love animals in reality and not in declarations and toasts

Grigor V. Grigoryan

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